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Jablonski, Marek

Company: MJD Construction

Phone: 203-000-1041

Address: 171 West Ave Apt #1, Stamford CT, 06902

Jackson, Dean

Title: Vice President of Operations

Company: ServiceMaster Restoration by Wills


Phone: 203-327-3477

Fax: 203-359-1863

Address: 76 Viaduct Road, Stamford CT, 06907

Jackson, Jill

Company: TD Bank Bridgeport

Phone: 203-337-4339

Fax: 203-323-1159

Address: 380 Main Avenue, Norwalk CT, 06851

Jackson, Julet

Title: General Manager

Company: Staples


Phone: 203-323-6691

Address: 2299 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Jackson, Karen

Company: Celerity Technology Service INC

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 2001 West Main Street, Stamford CT, 06902

Jackson, Kathleen

Company: Jackson, May & Moulder Inc.

Phone: 203-327-4745

Fax: 203-327-3087

Address: 111 Prospect Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Jackson, Terry

Title: Executive Director

Company: Atria Stamford


Phone: 203-327-4551

Fax: 203-353-9105

Address: , ,

Jackson, Tommy

Title: Executive Director

Company: Stamford Urban Redevelopment Comm.


Phone: 203-327-9180

Fax: 203-975-1552

Address: 888 Washington Boulevard, Stamford CT, 06901

Jacob, Laura

Company: GE


Phone: 203-961-0227

Address: 120 Long Ridge Road, Stamford CT, 06927

Jacobs, Chad

Company: Next Step Living

Phone: 416-575-8605

Address: 26 Mill Street, New Haven CT, 06513

Jacobs, Paul

Title: Senior Vice President

Company: CB Richard Ellis


Phone: 203-325-5300

Fax: 203-325-5333

Address: 1 Hobby Farm Road, Bedford NY, 10506

Jacobs, Ron

Company: Ron Jacobs

Phone: 203-321-1994

Address: 213 West Trail, Stamford CT, 06903

Jacobsen, Teresa

Title: First Vice President-Investments

Company: UBS


Phone: 203-719-3548

Fax: 203-719-6570

Address: 677 Washington Blvd., 6th Floor, Stamford CT, 06901

Jacobsen, Teresa

Title: Sr Vice President--Wealth Mgmt /Wealth Management Americas Advisory Group

Company: UBS


Phone: 203-719-3548

Fax: 203-719-1945

Address: , ,

Jadhav, Prabhat

Company: First County Bank


Phone: 203-655-3944

Fax: 203-655-2046

Address: 160 Atlantic Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Jaffe, David

Title: Regional Manager

Company: WB Mason Company


Phone: 800-242-5892

Fax: 800-926-3507

Address: 151 Woodward Ave Suite 1, Norwalk CT, 06854

Jalandoni, Antonio

Company: JalandoniI Money Changer

Phone: - 0-0038

Address: 53 Hastings Ln, Stamford CT, 06905

James, Damali

Company: Housing Development Fund


Phone: 203-969-1830

Fax: 203-323-8958

Address: 300 Main Street, Stamford CT, 06901

James, Lisa

Title: Director, Education & Youth

Company: NEON Inc.


Phone: 203-352-4881

Fax: 203-899-2430

Address: 34 Woodland Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902

James, Michael

Title: Manager

Company: Super Maids CT


Phone: 203-309-6243

Address: 1011 Hope Street Suite P, Stamford CT, 06907

James, Michelle

Title: Executive Director

Company: Stamford Achieves


Phone: 203-353-1527

Fax: 203-967-9507

Address: 62 Palmers Hill Road, Stamford CT, 06902

Jandziol, Teresa

Company: Darien Chamber of Commerce


Phone: 203-655-3600

Fax: 203-655-2074

Address: 10 Corbin Drive, Darien CT, 06820

Jankowski, Ted

Title: Director, Public Health & Safety

Company: City of Stamford

Phone: 203-977-4151

Fax: 203-977-5845

Address: , ,

Jansson, Valerie

Company: Karizma

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 23 Avery Street, Stamford CT, 06902

Jarrett, Noel

Title: Contractor

Company: Jarrett's Home Improvement, LLC


Phone: 203-912-0442

Address: 1243 Sylvan Avenue, Bridgeport CT, 06606

Jason, Julie

Title: Managing Director

Company: Jackson, Grant Investment Advisors, Inc.

Phone: 203-321-2154

Fax: 203-322-3741

Address: 1177 HighRidge Road, Stamford CT, 06905

Jaworski, Laura

Title: Director of Internationational Affairs

Company: Dept. of Economic & Community Development (DECD)


Phone: 860-270-8068

Fax: 860-270-8016

Address: 505 Hudson Street International Affairs, Hartford CT, 06106

Jebsen, Joana

Title: VP. Business Development

Company: O'Donnell & Associates


Phone: 203-973-0635

Fax: 888-299-0506

Address: One Dock Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Jeffery, Paul

Title: Financial Services Associate

Company: Financial Service Advisor, Peoples United Bank


Phone: 203-984-6199

Fax: 203-637-9380

Address: 28 Rockmeadow Rd, #83, Norwalk CT, 06850

Jeffries, William

Title: Director of Strategic Initiatives

Company: Stepping Stones Museum for Children


Phone: 203-899-0606

Fax: 203-899-0530

Address: Mathews Park, 303 West Avenue, Norwalk CT, 06850

Jellerette, Troy

Company: KeyBank N.A.

Phone: 800-892-2096

Address: , ,

Jemilo, Lynn

Title: Marketing & Special Events

Company: Valet Park of America


Phone: 800-599-8916

Fax: 800-599-8717

Address: 185 Spring Street, Springfield MA, 01105

Jenkins, Brian

Title: Director

Company: New Covenant Center


Phone: 203-964-8228

Fax: 203-357-0314

Address: 174 Richmond Hill Ave, Stamford CT, 06902

Jensen, Dana

Title: Consultant

Company: Beautycounter


Phone: 203-818-2590

Address: 1544 Bedford Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Jerge, Ann

Company: Pillsbury Winthrop

Phone: 203-348-2300

Address: 695 Main Street, Stamford CT, 069046760

Jeter, S. Edward

Title: AIA Pres.

Company: Jeter, Cook & Jepson Architects, Inc.

Phone: 203-921-0332

Fax: 203-975-1110

Address: 2 Stamford Landing, Stamford CT, 06902

Jetter, Brett

Company: Reliable Care LLC

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: One Bank Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Jimenez, Jacques

Title: Partner

Company: Communications Partners, Inc


Phone: 203-968-2663

Fax: 203-968-2371

Address: 73 Weed Hill Ave, Stamford CT, 06907

Jobst, Dana

Company: AAA Northeast

Phone: 203-388-2189

Fax: 203-316-5488

Address: 1115 High Ridge Rd, Stamford CT, 06905

Johns, George

Company: Ridgeway Cleaners

Phone: 203-323-8441

Address: 2802 Summer St., Stamford CT, 06905

Johnson, Christopher

Title: Home Mortgage Consultant

Company: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


Phone: 203-329-4407

Fax: 855-816-7733

Address: 63 Revonah Circle, Stamford CT, 06905

Johnson, Christopher

Title: Vice President - Connecticut Regional Manager

Company: Patriot Bank N.A.


Phone: 203-251-7200

Address: 900 Bedford Street, Stamford CT, 06902

Johnson, Darryl

Company: Johnson Automotive

Phone: 203-356-9911

Address: 9 Elm Ct., Stamford CT, 06902

Johnson, Gary

Title: President

Company: Cardmember Publication Corp.

Phone: 203-324-7635

Fax: 203-969-0812

Address: 680 Washington Blvd., Stamford CT, 06901

Johnson, Jacob

Title: Manager

Company: Valet Park of America

Phone: 800-599-8916

Fax: 800-599-8717

Address: 185 Spring Street, Springfield MA, 01105

Johnson, Jon Paul

Title: Attorney

Company: Curtis, Brinckerhoff & Barrett, P.C.

Phone: 203-324-6777

Fax: 203-324-9621

Address: 666 Summer St.,, Stamford CT, 06901

Johnson, Nancy

Company: Stamford Public Schools


Phone: 203-977-4095

Fax: 203-977-4646

Address: 888 Washington Blvd, Stamford CT, 06904

Johnson, Penn

Title: President

Company: Stamford Mortgage Company


Phone: 203-323-6588

Fax: 203-325-0225

Address: , ,

Johnson, Peter

Company: Fairfield County Bank

Phone: 203-328-3520

Fax: 203-353-9938

Address: 850 East Main Street, Stamford CT, 06902

Johnson, Rick

Title: Account Executive

Company: Stamford Magazine/ Moffly Media


Phone: 203-571-1627

Fax: 203-222-0937

Address: 205 Main Street, Westport CT, 06880

Johnson, Sandra

Title: Contact

Company: Parents, Families ans Friends of Lesbians and Gays

Phone: 203-226-0257

Address: P.O. Box 16703, Stamford CT, 06905

Johnson, Tim

Company: Beyond IT Support


Phone: 203-252-2230

Address: 64 Wall Street, Suite 301, Norwalk CT, 06850

Johnson, Walter

Title: Mgr

Company: Camilles

Phone: 203-322-1906

Address: 970 High Ridge Rd, Stamford CT, 06901

Jones, Cecilia

Title: Manager

Company: Coldwell Banker


Phone: 203-322-2300

Address: 838 High Ridge Road, Stamford CT, 06903

Jones, Christopher

Company: Progressive Solutions

Phone: 914-764-9749

Fax: 914-764-9749

Address: 2701 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Jones, John

Title: Pres.

Company: Stamford Wallpaper Comp.

Phone: 203-323-7761

Address: P.O. Box 4498, Stamford CT, 06907

Jones, Marcia

Company: A.I.M. High Publishing

Phone: 203-975-1816

Address: 69 Hope Street No. 26D, Stamford CT, 06906

Jones, Mary

Company: Wilson Elser


Phone: 203-388-9100

Fax: 203-388-9101

Address: 1010 Washington Boulevard, Stamford CT, 06901

Jones, Meaghan

Title: Business Development Specialist

Company: CBS


Phone: 203-831-9750

Fax: 203-838-5166

Address: 40 Richards Avenue, Norwalk CT, 06854

Jones, Michael

Company: Kforce


Phone: 203-504-7400

Fax: 203-504-7458

Address: 1055 Washington Boulevard, 4th Floor, Stamford CT, 06901

Jones, Russ

Company: Chamber Publishing Group


Phone: 978-741-3344

Fax: 978-741-3377

Address: 7 Lynde St., Salem MA, 01970

Jones, Troy

Company: Sharpeye Home Inspections

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 22 East Ave., Stamford CT, 06902

Jones, Zenaida

Title: Assistant Property Manager

Company: Southwood Square


Phone: 203-964-4700

Fax: 203-602-7714

Address: 14 Southwood Drive, Stamford CT, 06902

Jordan, Edward

Company: Peerless Electric

Phone: 203-325-2967

Address: 15 Verplank Ave., Stamford CT, 06902

Jordan, Ricardo

Title: Supervisor, Energy Efficiency

Company: Eversource

Phone: 203-352-5431

Fax: 203-352-5423

Address: 107 Selden Street, Berlin CT, 06037

Jordan, Shanon

Title: Southwestern Regional Director

Company: Alzheimer's Association of Connecticut


Phone: 860-329-9403

Fax: 203-840-1188

Address: 70 New Canaan Avenue, Norwalk CT, 06850

Joseph, Abey

Company: Bar Zepoli

Phone: 203-353-3319

Address: 75 Broad Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Josephson, Paul

Title: Manager

Company: 1 800 Mattresses

Phone: 203-359-2337

Fax: 203-359-6966

Address: 483 West Main Street, Stamford CT, 06902

Joshua, Susan

Title: Program Director

Company: C2 Education


Phone: 203-969-6540

Fax: 203-969-6542

Address: 2284 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Joyce, William

Company: Joyce Van Lines Inc

Phone: 800-451-0653

Address: 52 Dyke Lane, Stamford CT, 06902

Juneja, Bhavna

Title: Vice President

Company: Infinity, a Stamford Technology Company LLC


Phone: 203-716-8468

Address: 26 Mill River Street, Stamford CT, 06902

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