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O' Connell, John

Company: O' Connell Building

Phone: 000-000-1057

Address: 78 Rippowam Road, Stamford CT, 06902

O' Sullivan, Sean

Company: Wyckham Millworks

Phone: 203-359-9094

Address: 94 Lincoln, Stamford CT, 06902

Obernauer, Jr., Marne

Title: CEO

Company: Devon Group, Inc.

Phone: 203-964-1444

Address: 2 Stamford Plaza 281 Tresser Blvd., Stamford CT, 069013227

O'Brien, Nancy

Title: Administrative Assistant

Company: Convergent Communications (DO NOT USE)

Phone: 860-513-2400

Fax: 207-747-8480

Address: 500 West Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902

O'Callaghan, Dan

Company: Foundtime .com

Phone: 203-975-8463

Fax: 203-975-5255

Address: 375 Fairfield Ave Bldg # 5, Stamford CT, 06902

Occhino, Barbara

Company: Vertex Marketing Communications

Phone: 203-322-7770

Fax: 203-322-1981

Address: 1127 High Ridge Road, Stamford CT, 06905

Occhino, Ronald

Title: President

Company: Vertex Marketing Communications


Phone: 203-322-7770

Fax: 203-322-1981

Address: 1127 High Ridge Road, Stamford CT, 06905

Ochsner, Evelyn

Title: Estate Manager

Company: Hobbs, Inc.


Phone: 203-966-6006

Fax: 203-966-4598

Address: 27 Grove Street, New Canaan CT, 06840

Ochsner, Jonathan

Title: Community Sales Director

Company: Atria Stamford


Phone: 203-327-4551

Fax: 203-353-9105

Address: , ,

O'Connor, Jamie

Company: Deloitte & Touche LLP

Phone: 203-708-4000

Fax: 203-708-8797

Address: 333 Ludlow Street P.O. Box 10098, Stamford CT, 069042098

O'Connor, K. Shirley

Title: President

Company: Business and Professional Women'

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 376 Hope Street, Stamford CT, 06906

O'Connor, Sherilyn

Title: Regional Manager

Company: Training Scape


Phone: 203-431-6358

Address: 104 Main Street, Ridgefield CT, 06877

Odice, Jill

Title: Business Health Specialist

Company: Greenwich Hospital


Phone: 203-863-3466

Address: 5 Perryridge Road, Greenwich CT, 06830

O'Donnell, Carrie

Title: President

Company: O'Donnell & Associates


Phone: 203-973-0635

Fax: 888-299-0506

Address: One Dock Street, Stamford CT, 06905

O'Donnell, Matthew

Title: Executive Director, State Government Affairs

Company: Purdue Pharma L.P.

Email: Matthew.O'

Phone: 203-588-8121

Fax: 203-588-6223

Address: DO NOT SEND INVOICE SUBMIT REQUEST TO: purdue.envisionpharma, ,

Oh, Patricia

Title: Owner

Company: DataWorld Inc

Phone: 203-358-0077

Address: 258 Atlantic Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Oh, Patricia

Title: Owner

Company: DataWorld Service Inc

Phone: 203-967-4477

Address: 123 High Ridge Road, Stamford CT, 06905

O'Hara, Geoffrey

Title: Executive Director, Eastern Region

Company: U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Phone: 401-333-2512

Fax: 401-333-4761

Address: 1 Davol Square, Providence RI, 02903

Ohnell, Nick

Title: CEO

Company: Communications Supply Corp.

Phone: 203-327-3200

Fax: 203-348-3473

Address: 260 West Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902

Ojalvo, Irving

Company: Northern Cal- Tech Associates

Phone: -329-2144

Address: 30 buxom Farm RD #110, Stamford CT, 06905

O'Kane, Marcia

Title: President/CEO

Company: Greenwich Chamber of Commerce


Phone: 203-869-3500

Fax: 203-869-3502

Address: , ,

O'Karma, Peter

Title: Vice President

Company: Computer Programming & Systems, Inc.


Phone: 203-324-9203

Address: 1011 High Ridge Road, Suite 208, Stamford CT, 06905

Okesson, Kristin

Title: Market Manager

Company: Connoisseur Media


Phone: 203-229-1700

Fax: 203-783-8380

Address: , ,

Okrent, Mark

Title: Head of Asset Management

Company: GAIA Real Estate


Phone: 212-563-2726

Address: 152 West 57th Street 17th Floor, New York NY, 10019

Okula, Piotr

Company: Con. Peter

Phone: 203-000-0000

Address: 47 Geriak Road, Stamford CT, 06905

Olander, Susan

Title: Community Manager

Company: eaves Stamford


Phone: 203-357-1108

Fax: 203-961-8318

Address: 66 Glenbrook Rd., Stamford CT, 069028402

Olander, Susan

Title: Community Manager

Company: AVA Stamford


Phone: 203-323-2300

Fax: 203-348-0200

Address: 50 Forest Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Oldham, Jeff

Company: Pierson & Smith, Inc. a division of First Niagra Risk Management


Phone: 203-854-3438

Fax: 203-604-1038

Address: 40 Richards Avenue, 4th Floor, Norwalk CT, 06854

O'Leary, Jenn

Company: UFC Gym Stamford


Phone: 203-356-6300

Address: 81 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06901

O'Leary, Judy

Company: ACT - Lower Fairfield County

Phone: 203-877-9791

Address: 141 Franklin Streeet, Stamford CT, 069011014

Oliver, Nicole

Company: Melting Pot Carribean Market

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 107 Myano Lane, Stamford CT, 06902

Olivera, Yolanda

Company: The Fiesta Place

Phone: 203-348-6586

Address: 77 Severance Dr., Stamford CT, 06905

Olsen, Tom

Title: Broker

Company: Robert Christopher Marine Yacht Sales


Phone: 203-356-0400

Fax: 203-324-0660

Address: 15507 Park Square Station, Stamford CT, 06901

O'Malley, Edward

Title: Chairman

Company: Fairfield County SCORE 41


Phone: 203-847-7348

Fax: 203-849-3908

Address: 24 Belden Avenue, Norwalk CT, 06850

O'Malley, Lisa

Title: Travel Consultant

Company: Liberty Travel


Phone: 203-357-1300

Address: 2367 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Omeluk, Joseph

Company: JS Sharkey Landscaping & Property Maintenance

Phone: 000-000-2032

Address: 41 Jessup St, Stamford CT, 06905

Omeluk, Joseph

Company: JMY Maintenance Service

Phone: 000-000-2033

Address: 37 Manhattan St, Stamford CT, 06902

O'Neill, Barbara

Company: John Barleycorn

Phone: 203-316-0365

Address: 244 Bedford St, Stamford CT, 06901

O'Neill, Eamir

Title: Owner

Company: Brennan's By The Beach


Phone: 203-323-1787

Address: 82 Iroquois Road, Stamford CT, 06902

O'Neill, Thomas

Company: Bourne Associates

Phone: 000-000-6010

Address: 1177 High Ridge Rd #218, Stamford CT, 06905

Ora, John

Company: The Long Ridge School


Phone: 203-322-7693

Fax: 203-322-0406

Address: 478 Erskine Rd., Stamford CT, 06903

Ordonez, Fabio

Company: A.S.A.P. Home Improvements

Phone: 203-000-0000

Address: 45 Victory Street, Stamford CT, 06902

Orgera, Ernest

Title: Director of Operations

Company: City of Stamford


Phone: 203-977-5722

Fax: 203-977-5523

Address: , ,

Orgera, Virginia

Title: Executive Assistant

Company: Bank of America


Phone: 203-905-4105

Fax: 203-905-4152

Address: One Atlantic Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Orich, Michelle

Company: Stay Focus Gallery

Phone: - 0-0037

Address: P.O. Box 112128 325 Seaside Ave, Apt 4 06902, Stamford CT, 06902

Orlando, Lou

Title: Sales Manager

Company: Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa


Phone: 203-357-9555

Fax: 203-324-6897

Address: , ,

Orlando, Mili

Company: Coldwell Banker

Phone: 203-322-2300

Address: 838 High Ridge Road, Stamford CT, 06903

Ormond, Tom

Title: Sales Manager

Company: Italian Center of Stamford


Phone: 203-322-6950

Fax: 203-322-1563

Address: 620 Newfield Avenue, Stamford CT, 06905

Ormsby, Pat

Title: Office Manager/HR Generalist

Company: Housing Development Fund


Phone: 203-969-1830

Fax: 203-323-8958

Address: 300 Main Street, Stamford CT, 06901

O'Rourke, Measi

Title: Executive Director

Company: Saint Joseph Parenting Center


Phone: 203-588-1934

Address: 90 Fairfield Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902

Ortiz, Daniel

Company: Daniel Ortiz Masonary & Landscaping

Phone: 000-000-2022

Address: 503 Elm St, Stamford CT, 06902

Ortiz, Deniel

Company: Daniel Ortiz Masonry & Landscaping

Phone: 00-000-5000

Address: 503 Elm Street, Stamford CT, 06902

Ortiz, Maria

Company: El Inca

Phone: 203-348-9827

Address: 21 Atlantic St, Stamford CT, 06901

Ortiz, Maria

Company: El Inca

Phone: 000-000-2025

Address: 21 Atlantic St, Stamford CT,

Ortiz, Maria

Company: Video Call International L.L.C.

Phone: 203-000-1045

Address: 9 Avon Lane, Stamford CT, 06901

Ortmeier, Inger

Company: 400 Main Street, LLC


Phone: 203-327-1111

Fax: 203-348-4257

Address: 400 Main St., Ste. 710, Stamford CT, 06901

Ostensen, Tom

Company: Scandinavian Marine Claims

Phone: 203-975-7100

Address: 333 Ludlow St., Stamford CT, 06902

Ostrow, Stacey

Title: Community Relations

Company: Deliotte & Touche LLP

Phone: 203-708-4006

Address: Stamford Harbor Park, Stamford CT, 069042098

Ostrowski, John

Company: InfoChange Associates L.L.C.

Phone: 203-358-9847

Address: 4 Dale Place, Stamford CT, 06906

Osuba, Carlos

Title: VP Financial Service Manager

Company: People's United Bank


Phone: 203-853-9050

Fax: 203-359-6012

Address: 2200 Bedford Street, Stamford CT, 06905

O'Sullivan, Sean

Company: Sto-Ker MillerWorks LLC

Phone: 203-968-6788

Address: 94 Lincoln Ave, Stamford CT, 06902

O'Sullivan Darcey, James

Company: Celtic Carptener's

Phone: 000-000-2020

Address: 23 Wooddrow St, Stamford CT, 06902

O'Toole, Edel

Company: Chez Jean-Pierre

Phone: 203-357-9526

Address: 188 Bedford Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Owen, Nathan

Title: Trustee

Company: Owen Foundation

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: P.O. Box 10351, Stamford CT, 06904

Owen, Ross

Title: Manager

Company: Rockwell Art and Framing

Phone: 203-595-0096

Fax: 203-595-9786

Address: 891 High Ridge Road, Stamford CT, 06905

Oxer, Bob

Company: Southern Connecticut Recycling

Phone: 203-975-0488

Address: 39 Woodland Ave., Stamford CT, 06902

Oyugi, Alan

Company: Classical Limousine

Phone: 203-000-0000

Address: 76 Progress Drive, Stamford CT, 06902

Oyugi, Alan

Company: David Bebaise Transportation

Phone: 000-000-6003

Address: 22 Knapp St, Stamford CT, 06907

Oz, Mike

Title: President

Company: Capital Construction


Phone: 203-984-7818

Address: 1 Stamford Landing, Suite 124, Stamford CT, 06902

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