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Pace, Anna

Title: AVP Branch Manager

Company: First County Bank

Phone: 203-462-4417

Fax: 203-462-4447

Address: 160 Atlantic Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Pagan, Liliana

Title: Admin

Company: J. Forrest Development, LLC


Phone: 203-973-7250

Address: 226 Selleck Street Suite B, Stamford CT, 06902

Pagan, Maria

Company: Marcriz Designs

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 1003 Hope Street, Stamford CT, 06907

Pagan, Maria

Company: Macriz Designer

Phone: 203-329-3673

Address: 1003 Hope St., Stamford CT, 06907

Pagan, Rafael

Title: Executive Director

Company: Pacific House Inc


Phone: 203-406-0017

Fax: 203-406-9619

Address: 137 Henry St, Stamford CT, 06902

Pagani, Ivana

Company: RMS Real Estate Development, LLC

Phone: 203-968-2313

Fax: 203-968-2341

Address: , ,

Paidas, James

Title: President

Company: Promotion Sale, LTD.

Phone: 203-325-3981

Address: 1480 Bedford Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Paine, David

Title: Genral Manager

Company: Staples

Phone: 203-323-1441

Address: 2299 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Pak, Heather

Company: Connecticut Business Systems


Phone: 203-831-9750

Address: 40 Richards Avenue, Norwalk CT, 06854

Palazzo, Michelle

Title: Patient Services Coordinator

Company: The Bennett Cancer Center


Phone: 203-276-6143

Fax: 203-325-7858

Address: 34 Shelburne Rd, Stamford CT, 06902

Palma, Tania

Title: Resident Manager

Company: The Wescott


Phone: 203-356-0100

Fax: 203-356-1422

Address: 201 Commons Park South, Stamford CT, 06902

Palmer, W. Roy

Company: RVR Mortgage Company, LLC

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 800 Summer Street Suite 208, Stamford CT,

Palmero, Salvatore

Company: SMP

Phone: 000-000-1030

Address: 40 Oenoke Pl, Stamford CT, 06907

Palmieri, Phil

Title: President

Company: Integrated Print Solutions


Phone: 203-330-0200

Fax: 203-331-1390

Address: 69 Behham Avenue, Bridgeport CT, 06605

Palmiero, Dennis

Title: Director

Company: ICM

Phone: 203-324-6868

Address: 1266 E. Main St, Stamford CT, 06902

Palombi, Pat

Title: Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Company: Fairfield County Convention & Visitor Bureau


Phone: 203-853-7770

Fax: 203-853-7775

Address: , ,

Pamkevas, Nicos

Company: Nicos Foreign Car Repair

Phone: 203-323-4500

Address: 1285 High Ridge Rd., Stamford CT, 06903

Pampena, Lisa

Company: Hairway to Heaven

Phone: 203-359-3048

Address: 875 Cove Rd., Stamford CT, 06902

Panagiotidis, Steve

Company: Ridgeway Shoe Repair

Phone: 203-323-6686

Address: 36 Sixth St 36 Couch St., Norwalk 06854, Stamford CT, 06906

Panarese, Anthony

Company: Costco Wholesale Membership


Phone: 203-822-2003

Fax: 203-822-2005

Address: 779 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk CT, 06854

Pannone, Louis

Company: LSP Holdings

Phone: 203-359-2776

Address: 100 Akbar Rd., Stamford CT, 06902

Pannone, Louis

Company: New England Food Management

Phone: 203-359-2776

Address: 100 Akbar Rd., Stamford CT, 06902

Pansino, Mario

Title: Home Mortgage Consultant

Company: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


Phone: 203-329-4407

Fax: 855-816-7733

Address: 63 Revonah Circle, Stamford CT, 06905

Panteleon, Allison

Title: Business Manager

Company: Cornerstone Bayview, Inc. - Bayview


Phone: 203-964-1445

Address: 300 Tresser Boulevard, Stafmord CT, 06901

Paolini, Donna

Title: General Manager

Company: Regus


Phone: 203-564-1411

Fax: 203-564-1402

Address: 263 Tresser Boulevard, 9th Floor, Stamford CT, 06901

Paolino, Karen

Title: Realtor

Company: The Kinard Realty Group


Phone: 203-504-5005

Fax: 203-504-3179

Address: 27 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902

Paolino, Karen

Company: Assist-2-Sell

Phone: 203-975-8841

Fax: 203-975-8868

Address: 415 West Main Street, Stamford CT, 06902

Paolozzi, Albert

Company: People's United Bank

Phone: 203-762-0326

Fax: 203-761-9037

Address: 2200 Bedford Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Papazoglou, Tony

Company: Party Warehouse, Inc.

Phone: 203-967-3313

Address: 98 Commerce Rd., Stamford CT, 06902

Pape, Richard

Title: Facilities Director

Company: Stamford Town Center


Phone: 203-653-9930

Fax: 203-359-9942

Address: , ,

Pappaioannou, Sofia

Title: Owner

Company: Tomato Tomato


Phone: 203-658-8900

Address: 401 Shippan Avenue, Stamford CT, 06901

Papson, Vicky

Title: Sr. Home Mortgage Consultant

Company: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


Phone: 203-329-4408

Fax: 855-816-7733

Address: 63 Revonah Circle, Stamford CT, 06905

Paqua, David

Title: Pres.

Company: Franklin Glass Company

Phone: 203-348-4251

Fax: 203-327-3554

Address: 7 Roosevelt Avenue P.O. Box 8, Stamford CT, 069040008

Paquin, Gayle

Title: Director of Self-Sufficency

Company: Family Centers


Phone: 203-324-3167

Fax: 203-358-2327

Address: 60 Palmer's Hill Road, Stamford CT, 06902

Parbhu, Raymond

Company: Overseas Development Corp.


Phone: 203-964-0111

Fax: 203-964-4929

Address: , ,

Paretti, Mark

Title: Executive Director

Company: Sunrise Assisted Living of Stamford

Phone: 203-968-8393

Fax: 203-968-8348

Address: 251 Turn of River Rd, Stamford CT, 06905

Paridis, Julia

Company: Wilson Elser


Phone: 203-388-9100

Fax: 203-388-9101

Address: 1010 Washington Boulevard, Stamford CT, 06901

Parisi, Leila

Title: Sales and Marketing Analyst

Company: BASE Technologies, Inc


Phone: 203-830-2462

Fax: 203-797-2675

Address: 23 Francis J Clarke Circle, Bethel CT, 06801

Park, Stuart

Title: CEO

Company: 13 Information & Imagination Inc.

Phone: 203-210-1500

Address: 15 Old Danbury Road, Suite 204, Wilton CT, 068972525

Parker, Barbara

Title: Managing Director

Company: Saugatuck Associates

Phone: 203-348-6669

Address: One Canterbury Green, Stamford CT, 069012062

Parker, Robert

Company: Bill's Service South-Stamford

Phone: 203-348-7263

Address: 22 Saint Marys St, Stamford CT, 06902

Parker, Tony

Company: Kids Cultural Books

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 1081 westover Road, Stamford CT, 06902

Parkmond, Adrienne

Title: Chief Operating Officer

Company: The WorkPlace


Phone: 203-610-8500

Fax: 203-610-8501

Address: 350 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport CT, 06604

Parks, Charles

Title: Attorney at Law

Company: Charles Parks Attorney at Law


Phone: 203-359-3860

Fax: 203-323-7398

Address: 800 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Parks, Walter

Company: The Wet Seal Retail Inc.

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 100 Grey Rock Place, Stamford CT, 06901

Pasha, Iqbal

Company: Index Portfolio Investing

Phone: 203-324-3208

Address: 6 Landmark Sq., 4th Fl. 1425 Bedford St. #7P, Stamford CT, 0690105

Pask, Jackie

Title: Account Executive

Company: Acme Sign Co.


Phone: 203-324-2263

Fax: 203-324-5181

Address: 12 Research Drive, Stamford CT, 06906

Passarello, Michael

Company: Michael's Garden

Phone: 000-000-1003

Address: 52 Interlaken Rd, Stamford CT, 06903

Passaro, Peter

Company: E&P Foundry

Phone: 203-324-7957

Address: 22 Fahey St., Stamford CT, 06907

Passero, Peter

Title: President

Company: E & P Non Ferrous Foundry

Phone: 203-324-7597

Fax: 203-324-7280

Address: 22 Fahey Street, Stamford CT, 069072216

Pastor, John

Company: Prospect Hill Associates


Address: 700 Canal St. P.O. Box 4626, Stamford CT, 06907

Pastor, Peter

Title: Partner

Company: Royal Club Limousine Service

Phone: 203-353-8660

Fax: 203-353-0002

Address: 901 North Broadway, Suite 20, N. White Plains NY, 10603

Pastor, Peter

Title: Vice-President of Sales

Company: Connecticut Express Shuttle


Phone: 203-353-8660

Fax: 203-353-0002

Address: 243 Tresser Boulevard, Stamford CT, 06901

Patchett, Bill

Title: CEO

Company: P2 Telecom LLC


Phone: 203-564-9016

Address: 700 Canal St, Bldg 1, 1st Flr, Stamford CT, 06902

Patel, Atreta

Company: General Re Corporation

Phone: 203-328-5661

Fax: 203-328-5603

Address: 1435 Bedford Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Patel, Jay

Company: The Fez Restaurant


Phone: 203-324-3391

Fax: 203-975-0479

Address: 227 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Patel, Mamta

Company: Stamford Dental Spa


Phone: 203-324-7777

Address: 124 Broad Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Paton, Janine

Title: Secretary

Company: Friends of Felines


Phone: 203-990-0619

Address: 11 Rockland Place, Old Greenwich CT, 06870

Paul, Winnifred

Company: Winni Paul Consulting LLC


Phone: 203-978-3687

Address: 89 Crystal Street Apt. 2, Stamford CT, 06902

Pavlock, Cara

Title: Executive Assistant

Company: State of Connecticut


Phone: 203-333-6600

Fax: 203-333-6655

Address: 888 Washington Blvd, 10th Floor, Stamford CT, 06901

Pecca, Chris

Title: Environmental Analyst

Company: GO Environmental, LLC


Phone: 203-876-1007

Fax: 203-876-1060

Address: 203 N. Broad Street #C10, Milford CT, 06460

Pecorin, Elsie

Company: Hoffman & Hoffman, LLC - Attorney at Law

Phone: 203-977-2490

Fax: 203-357-7669

Address: 1234 Summer St., Stamford CT, 06905

Pedone, Andre

Title: COO

Company: Prime Time Global


Phone: 800-253-4055

Fax: 203-961-0101

Address: 30 Commerce Rd, Stamford CT, 069024506

Pedone, John

Title: CEO

Company: Prime Time Global


Phone: 800-253-4055

Fax: 203-961-0101

Address: 30 Commerce Rd, Stamford CT, 069024506

Pedone, Leo

Title: Executive VP

Company: Prime Time Global


Phone: 800-253-4055

Fax: 203-961-0101

Address: 30 Commerce Rd, Stamford CT, 069024506

Pedone, Vera

Title: CFO

Company: Prime Time Global


Phone: 800-253-4055

Fax: 203-961-0101

Address: 30 Commerce Rd, Stamford CT, 069024506

Pedzinski, Andrzej

Company: American Supply

Phone: 203-359-4661

Address: 82 Lindale St., Stamford CT, 06902

Peglar, Robb

Title: President

Company: Peglar & Associates Inc.

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Peisinger, JON

Title: President

Company: Capital Cities/ABC Video Publishing, Inc.

Phone: 203-968-9100

Fax: 203-329-6494

Address: 1200 High Ridge Road, Stamford CT, 06905

Pelle, Deanna

Title: Credit Consultant

Company: Strategy Credit Group


Phone: 203-653-5711

Fax: 203-286-1764

Address: 2 Comley Avenue, Greenwich CT, 06831

Peluso, C.

Company: Pelmark Personnel, Inc.

Phone: 203-348-0555

Address: 40 Hoyt St, Stamford CT, 06905

Pencu, Alexander

Company: Meister Seelig & Fein, LLP


Phone: 203-348-4244

Fax: 203-357-7208

Address: 600 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Pennacchio, Dena

Title: Center Operations Director

Company: Concentra Medical Centers


Phone: 203-324-9100

Fax: 203-324-9400

Address: 701 Main Street, East Hartford CT, 06108

Pennington, Leslie

Title: Operations Manager

Company: Junior League Of Stamford-Norwalk


Phone: 203-655-4662

Address: 748 Post Road, Darien CT, 06820

Pensiero, Anthony

Company: Pensiero Construction

Phone: 203-602-4480

Address: 40 Wardwell St., Stamford CT, 06902

Pensiero, Frank

Company: P & T Construction

Phone: 203-329-1597

Address: 100 Davenport Farm Ln., Stamford CT, 06903

Pensiero, Keith

Company: Fairfield County Carting


Phone: 203-323-0339

Address: 965 Hope Street, 2nd Floor, Stamford CT, 06907

Pensiero, Laurie

Title: Business Development Manager

Company: Osborn Home Care


Phone: 203-641-7683

Fax: 203-485-0200

Address: 125 Mason Street, Greenwich CT, 06830

Perakis, James

Title: Pres.

Company: Hyperion Software

Phone: 203-203-3210

Fax: 203-322-3904

Address: 900 Long Ridge Road, Stamford CT, 06902

Pereira, Claudio

Company: Hotel Zero Degrees


Phone: 203-363-7919

Fax: 203-363-7920

Address: 909 Washington Boulevard, Stamford CT, 06901

Pereira, Jorge

Title: Principal

Company: Redniss & Mead, Inc.


Phone: 203-327-0500

Fax: 203-357-1118

Address: , ,

Perez, Nancy

Company: Niobe & Sons Residential Care


Address: 31 Virgil St., Stamford CT, 06902

Periminis, Alexandra

Title: Co-Director

Company: Outreach to Pets in Need (OPIN)



Fax: 203-956-6013

Address: PO Box 488, Riverside CT, 06878

Perrella, Michael

Company: Noise Cancelation Technology

Phone: 203-961-0500

Address: 1 Dock St., Stamford CT, 06902

Perrone, Dee

Company: Hollander Foundation

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 1 Omega Drive, Stamford CT, 06907

Perry, Dennis

Title: CEO

Company: Abilis


Phone: 203-531-1880

Fax: 203-531-9367

Address: 50 Glenville St., Greenwich CT, 06831

Perry, Frank

Company: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


Phone: 203-329-4407

Fax: 855-816-7733

Address: 63 Revonah Circle, Stamford CT, 06905

Persky, Howard

Company: Howard System International Inc.

Phone: 203-324-4600

Address: 695 East Main St., Suite 408, Stamford CT, 06901

Person, Stacey

Company: On-Site Shredding


Phone: 203-348-7632

Fax: 203-977-8697

Address: P.O. Box 2328, Stamford CT, 069060328

Persson, David

Company: Media Ventures, Inc.


Phone: 203-852-6570

Fax: 203-852-6571

Address: 101 Merritt Boulevard, Trumbull CT, 06611

Pesce, Helen

Company: CTNY Limo


Phone: 203-861-4205

Address: 31 Edgewood Avenue, Greenwich CT, 06830

Peters, Anne

Company: Carmody Torrance Sandak Hennessey LLP

Phone: 203-425-4200

Fax: 203-325-8608

Address: , ,

Peters, Diane

Title: Account Manager Staples Copy & Print

Company: Staples


Phone: 203-323-1441

Address: 2299 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Peters, Michelle

Title: Area Director

Company: American Foundation for Suicide Pervention


Phone: 860-794-2559

Address: 309 East Street, Plainville CT, 06062

Peters, Robyn

Title: Assistant Vice President - Project Manager Southern CT

Company: Bank of America

Phone: 203-752-4840

Fax: 203-978-7510

Address: One Atlantic Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Peters, W. Anthony

Company: New Attitude

Phone: 203-386-9814

Address: P.O. Box 15165 Park Square Station, Stamford CT, 06901

Peters, Walker

Company: New Attitude Sports Apparel

Phone: 203-322-4758

Address: P.O. Box 15165 Park Sq. Station, Stamford CT, 06901

Peterson, George

Company: Ernst & Young L.L.P.

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 1111 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Petit, Elissaint

Company: Royal Courier Service

Phone: 203-323-1953

Address: 15 Cowing St., Stamford CT, 06906

Petrizzi, Gerald

Title: President

Company: Cove Awning

Phone: 203-323-8449

Fax: 203-325-9503

Address: 345 Elm Street, Stamford CT, 06902

Petros, Keith

Title: Financial Advisor

Company: UBS


Phone: 212-333-8926

Address: , ,

Pevsner, Charles

Title: Owner

Company: Datatrophe Systems

Phone: 203-964-1800

Address: 700 Canal Street, Stamford CT, 06902

Pflueger, Denise

Company: Optimus Health Care, Inc.

Phone: 203-327-5111

Fax: 203-327-2991

Address: 982 East Main Street, Bridgeport CT, 06608

Phares, Julie

Company: The Center for Reading & Writing

Phone: 203-323-1449

Address: P.O. Box 16884, Stamford CT, 06905

Phelan, William

Title: President

Company: Charte Brokerage Corp.

Phone: 203-967-4140

Fax: 203-325-3056

Address: 1 Atlantic Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Phelps, Ciondy

Title: Directors

Company: Senior Nuitrition Program of Catholic Charities

Phone: 203326175

Address: 30 Myano Lane, Suite 10, Stamford CT, 06902

Phelps, H. Scott

Title: President

Company: Connecticut Convention & Sports Bureau


Phone: 860-882-1102

Fax: 860-293-2365

Address: 101 Centerpoint Drive, Suite 217, Middletown CT, 06457

Phillips, Calvin

Company: 1Business Technology Group

Phone: 203-357-1698

Address: 30 Hinckley Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902

Pia, Charles

Company: Remodeling & Renovations

Phone: -000-0014

Address: 20 Windell Pl, Stamford CT, 06906

Piazza, Lisa

Company: Hilton Stamford Hotel & Executive Meeting Center

Phone: 203-351-1865

Fax: 203-351-1910

Address: , ,

Pica, Susan

Title: Vice President, National Sales

Company: Vitesse Worldwide


Phone: 203-327-9447

Address: 25 Crescent Street Suite 100, Stamford CT, 06906

Picard, Edward

Company: QC Graphics

Phone: 203-866-8949

Address: 97 Richards Avenue #B-7, Norwalk CT, 06854

Pickel, Elizabeth

Company: Macriz Designers

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 340 Glenbrook Road, Stamford CT, 06906

Pickering, Francis

Title: Executive Director

Company: WestCOG


Phone: 203-965-4968

Address: One Riverside Road, Sandy Hook CT, 06482

Pidhirny, Bill

Title: Owner

Company: Bill Pidhirny, CPA


Phone: 203-656-2334

Address: 2 Brook Street, Darien CT, 068204512

Piedmont, Ray

Company: Boulevard Printing

Phone: 203-359-0240

Address: 914 Washington Boulevard, Stamford CT, 06901

Piedmont, Tim

Company: Boulevard Printing

Phone: 203-359-0240

Address: 914 Washington Boulevard, Stamford CT, 06901

Piedmont, Timothy

Title: President

Company: Boulevard Printing

Phone: 203-359-0240

Fax: 203-359-4324

Address: 914 Washington Blvd., Stamford CT, 069012902

Pierre, Marc Eddy

Company: Prestige Productions

Phone: 203-325-9950

Address: 408 Elm St., Stamford CT, 06902

Pierre, Patrick

Company: Andrea's

Phone: 203-969-7005

Address: 178 Myrtle Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902

Pierre, Ralph

Company: Zintek Associates

Phone: 000-000-3003

Address: 18 Revere Dr, Stamford CT, 06902

Pierson, Paul

Company: Piersons Exterior Design

Phone: - 00-0022

Address: 175 Harriet St, Bridgeport CT, 06608

Pietrafesa, Ralph

Title: Director of Sales

Company: Longford's Ice Cream


Phone: 914-935-9469

Address: 425 Fairfield Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902

Pikul, Thaddeus

Company: American Graphics

Phone: 203-357-8220

Address: 1 Research Dr., Stamford CT, 06906

Pineda, Santiago

Company: Pineda Painting co

Phone: 203-969-1161

Address: 80 Spruce St, 4F, Stamford CT, 06902

Pinsky, Claudine

Company: The Little Gourmet Shop


Phone: 203-323-0000

Address: 2777 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Pirone, Ciro

Title: CPA

Company: Totilo & Company LLC, CPA's


Phone: 203-359-1584

Fax: 203-323-4740

Address: 1200 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Pirrotta, Paul

Title: Export Finance Specialist

Company: Connecticut Development Authority


Phone: 860-258-7800

Fax: 860-721-9147

Address: 999 West Street, Rocky Hill CT, 06067

Pisarik, John

Company: Metro Business Systems, Inc.

Phone: 203-967-3435

Fax: 203-967-2591

Address: , ,

Pitman, Linda

Company: Pitman Properties & Associates, Inc.

Phone: 203-353-1552

Address: 494 Glenbrook Rd., Stamford CT, 06906

Pitts, Elyse

Title: Director of Innovation

Company: Housing Development Fund


Phone: 203-969-1830

Fax: 203-323-8958

Address: 300 Main Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Plansky, Dawn

Company: Dmp Group

Phone: 203-326-7903

Address: 1450 Washington Blvd, Stamford CT, 06902

Plastock, Tara

Title: Senior Sales Consultant

Company: TriNet


Phone: 631-680-6559

Address: 711 Westchester Ave, White Plains NY, 10604

Plocharczyk, Jeff

Title: Manager, Strategic Accounts

Company: Eversource

Phone: 203-245-5427

Fax: 203-352-5423

Address: 107 Selden Street, Berlin CT, 06037

Plotkin, Ellery

Company: Cacace, Tusch & Santagata

Phone: 203-327-2000

Fax: 203-353-3392

Address: , ,

Poirier, Stephane

Company: Union State Bank

Phone: 914-524-7838

Fax: 203-326-5905

Address: 999 Bedford St., Stamford CT, 06905

Poisson, Louis

Title: Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner

Company: Canadian Consulate General

Phone: 212-596-1670

Fax: 212-596-1793

Address: 1251 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY, 10020

Polanco, Anny

Company: Webster Bank


Phone: 203-741-4887

Fax: 860-612-6240

Address: 1959 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Polica, Patrick

Company: Polica Design and Concept

Phone: 000-000-1016

Address: 15 Ransom St, Stamford CT, 06902

Pollard, Michael

Title: Chief of Staff

Company: City of Stamford

Phone: 203-977-4150

Fax: 203-977-5845

Address: , ,

Polson, Colleen

Title: Loan Officer

Company: Mortgage Master Inc


Phone: 203-487-3717

Fax: 203-548-9048

Address: 27 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902

Poltrack, Cheryl

Title: Director of Grants

Company: Stamford Public Schools


Phone: 203-977-5518

Fax: 203-977-4128

Address: P.O. Box 9310, Stamford CT, 06904

Pomerantz, Benjamin

Title: Secretary

Company: Stamford Youth Foundation


Phone: 203-977-7729

Address: P.O. Box #4659, Stamford CT, 06907

Pooya, Marria

Title: Managing Partner

Company: The Greenwich Medical & Laser Skincare Spa


Phone: 203-637-0662

Fax: 203-637-0668

Address: 1345 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich CT, 06830

Porcelli, Laurence

Company: Shippan Carpentry

Phone: 203-327-5265

Address: 45 Iroquois Rd., Stamford CT, 06902

Porizka, Kym

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Company: Optimum Business/Cablevision


Phone: 917-709-1087

Fax: 203-621-3117

Address: 122 River Street, Bridgeport CT, 06604

Porosoff, Harold

Title: VP

Company: Cytec Industries

Phone: 203-321-2200

Fax: 203-321-2298

Address: 1937 West Main Street P>O> Box60, Stamford CT, 06904

Portanova, Michael

Company: Portanova Excavating

Phone: 203-359-0604

Address: 1090 Westover Rd., Stamford CT, 06902

Posada, JP

Company: Crowne Plaza Stamford

Phone: 203-359-1300

Fax: 203-348-7937

Address: , ,

Possidento, Dan

Title: Owner

Company: D A Possidento Inc

Phone: 203-356-1614

Address: 53 Larkin Street, Stamford CT, 06907

Posson, Lawrence

Title: Secretary, Director of Surveying

Company: Redniss & Mead, Inc.


Phone: 203-327-0500

Fax: 203-357-1118

Address: , ,

Potter, Lindsay

Company: Sunrise Assisted Living of Stamford


Phone: 203-968-8393

Fax: 203-968-8348

Address: 251 Turn of River Rd, Stamford CT, 06905

Powell, Addie

Title: President

Company: Furniture Consultants of Conn,Inc.

Phone: 203-967-9700

Fax: 203-967-2320

Address: 2777 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Powell, Lisa

Title: Business Development Specialist

Company: U.S. SBA


Phone: 860-240-4700

Fax: 860-240-4659

Address: 330 Main Street 2nd Floor, Hartford CT, 06106

Powell-DePetro, Ashley

Title: Travel Counselor

Company: AAA Northeast


Phone: 203-388-2189

Fax: 203-316-5488

Address: 1115 High Ridge Rd, Stamford CT, 06905

Powers, Jen

Company: Stamford Center For The Arts

Phone: 203-517-3426

Fax: 203-358-2313

Address: 61 Atlantic St., Stamford CT, 06901

Powers, Michael

Title: Attorney at Law

Company: Law Office of Michael Richard Powers LLC


Phone: 203-665-0373

Fax: 203-665-0374

Address: 441 Summer Street, 2nd Floor, Stamford CT, 06901

Pracillo, Christopher

Company: The Fish Man

Phone: 203-323-1745

Address: 10 Cady St., Stamford CT, 06907

Pratcher, Tyrsa

Company: From The Heart of Fawn

Phone: -000-0028

Address: 41 Long Hill Dr, Stamford CT, 06902

Pravetz, Mark

Company: The Woodpecker Shop

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 73 Broad Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Preli, Richard

Title: President

Company: Amusements Unlimited


Phone: 203-359-2504

Address: 12 Magee Ave., Stamford CT, 06902

Prescott, Michael

Title: Partner

Company: Kahan, Steiger & Company, P.C.


Phone: 203-327-5717

Fax: 203-967-9483

Address: 1100 Summer St., Stamford CT, 06905

Preti, Nadia

Company: Interiors

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 49 Hillside Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902

Prezmyslaw, Katulski

Company: Transamerica Limousine

Phone: 203-358-8885

Address: 88 Wilson St, Stamford CT, 06902

Primak, Victoria

Company: Courtyard by Marriott Stamford Downtown


Phone: 203-358-8822

Fax: 203-358-8811

Address: 275 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Procaccini, John

Title: DBO

Company: TEKSystems


Phone: 203-705-4920

Fax: 203-705-4990

Address: 9 W Broad St. #620, Stamford CT, 06902

Progano, Sandy

Company: Media Com

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 992 High Ridge Rd., Stamford CT, 06905

Propp, Peter

Title: VP, Marketing

Company: Stamford Innovation Center


Phone: 203-226-8701

Address: 175 Atlantic Street, Stamford CT, 06901

Prosi, Susan

Company: South Western Regional Planning Agency (SWRPA)

Phone: 203-316-5190

Address: 888 Washington Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Stamford CT, 06901

Protomastro Patel, Marie

Title: Marketing Coordinator

Company: Redniss & Mead, Inc.


Phone: 203-327-0500

Fax: 203-357-1118

Address: , ,

Ptak, Jen

Title: Manager

Company: California Pizza Kitchen


Phone: 203-406-0530

Fax: 203-406-0704

Address: 230 Tresser Boulevard, #H004, Stamford CT, 06901

Pufahl, Robert

Title: Financial Consultant

Company: Merrill Lynch

Phone: 000-000-0000

Address: 301 Tresser Blvd., Stamford CT, 069013243

Pullaro, Michelle

Title: Director of Marketing

Company: Per Scholas


Phone: 718-991-8400

Fax: 718-331-0362

Address: 1231 Lafayette Avenue, Bronx NY, 10474

Punjabi, Karan

Title: Sales Manager

Company: Staples

Phone: 203-323-6691

Address: 2299 Summer Street, Stamford CT, 06905

Puryear, Milton

Title: Executive Director

Company: Mill River Park Collaborative


Phone: 203-989-0321

Fax: 203-977-4100

Address: 1010 Washington Bld., Stamford CT, 06901

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